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Research Positions

Currently seeking multiple graduate students to fill positions at the MS and/or doctoral level. Research topics include: living shorelines, beach and tidal inlet dynamics, barrier island response to extreme events, groundwater impacts to coastal lagoons, and infrastructure resilience. Research assistantships are available. Contact me for more details.

Current Research Assistants

SE Students
Garland Pennison


MSCE Students
Kelsey Carpenter
Sean McQuagge
Elizabeth Winter
Jackie Wittmann


Undergraduate Students
Evan Mazur
Ian Cox
Morgan Lassitter

Former Students

MSCE Students
Patrick Hautau (2018)
Marshall Hayden (2018)
Kate Haynes (2018)
Justin Lowlavar (2017)
Bryan Groza (2016)
Kari Servold (2015)
Chris Marr (2013)
Richard Allen (2013)
Miyuki Matthews (2012)


Post Docs
Jon Risinger
Jungwoo Lee

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Little Lagoon Pass


A recent expedition to Little Lagoon Pass to perform an updated bathymetric and water quality survey was thwarted by an unusually intense solar flare emission(s) (Tuesday, June 10). What, you don’t believe me? Well check {this} out.


The solar event wreaked havoc on the land-based GNSS system, limiting us to collecting less than 100 elevation points on the flood shoal. We were able to survey the flood shoal and channel using the Jag Ski system, as well as perform a water quality assessment of the lagoon.


We will return to the site in the next two weeks to conduct a complete field survey of the ebb shoal and beach profiles, as well as touch up what we missed on our earlier visit. At the end of the day, the sun left us with little more than minor burns and an ill-functioning GNSS system.



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