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Currently seeking an MSCE student to perform research on groundwater impacts to coastal lagoons. A research assistantship is available. Contact me for more details.

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Garland Pennison


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Patrick Hautau
Marshall Hayden
Jackie Wittmann


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Derek Kelly

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Kate Haynes (2018)
Justin Lowlavar (2017)
Bryan Groza (2016)
Kari Servold (2015)
Chris Marr (2013)
Richard Allen (2013)
Miyuki Matthews (2012)


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A couple of months ago I {posted} an announcement about a conference abstract that Dr. Whelton and I submitted for the ASCE-EWRI Hydraulic Measurement & Experimental Methods conference. The abstract was selected for presentation at the August 2012 conference to be held in Snowbird, Utah. An advance copy of the proceedings paper can be downloaded {here} or by clicking on the image at right. A suggested citation is provided below.


The HMEM conference paper, Near-synoptic Measurements of Surface Water Characteristics in a Reservoir using a Personal Watercraft-based Mapping System, briefly describes some results of our four-week field experiment conducted at Big Creek Lake in October 2011 as part of our inaugural Field Analysis and Sampling Techniques in Civil Engineering (FAST CE). More specifically, the paper provides a statistical analysis of surface water characteristics collected using the Jag Ski’s Portable SeaKeeper system. We hope to expand on this study soon by mapping the entire reservoir and use statistical analysis to segment the system into regions having unique surface water characteristics.


  • Webb, B.M., Whelton, A.J. 2012. Near-synoptic measurements of surface water characteristics in a reservoir using a personal watercraft-based mapping system. In: Proceedings of the Hydraulic Measurement and Experimental Methods Conference, ASCE, Reston, VA.


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